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NGO Organisations

Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health pixelwww.ceh.org.au
Survivors of Torture & Trauma Assistance & Rehabilitation Service
Mental health service and practitioner training.

Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture & Trauma
You can download publications from this site.

The Australian Refugee Association Settlement and migration services.pixelwww.ausref.net

Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia Settlement, immigrant and community services.pixelwww.mrcsa.com.au

Mental Health Coalition of South Australiapixelwww.mhcsa.org.au

Multicultural Mental Health Australiapixelwww.mmha.org.au/mmha-products/fact-sheets

Red Cross
Range of services to refugees and asylum seekers.

Hepatitis Australia
Lots of information about Hepatitis including brochures in different languages.

Multicultural Youth SA
MYSA promotes equal access and participation for young people from CALD backgrounds within the wider South Australian community.


Government Services

Diversity Health Institute pixelwww.dhi.gov.au/Diversit-e/default.aspx

Directory of Government Mental Health Services - South Australiapixelwww.adelaide.edu.au/library/guide/med/menthealth/mentadd.html#rahg

Commonwealth Department for Immigration & Citizenshippixelwww.immi.gov.au

Government details about the 714 and 716 item numbers pixelwww9.health.gov.au/mbs/fullDisplay.cfm?type=item&qt=ItemID&q=714

Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commissionpixelwww.hreoc.gov.au

Transcultural Mental Health Centrepixelwww.dhi.gov.au/DHI-Services/Transcultural-Mental-Health-Centre/default.aspx

National Health and Medical Research Councilpixelwww.nhmrc.gov.au/publications/synopses/hp25syn.htm

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)pixelwww.immi.gov.au/living-in-australia/help-with-english/help_with_translating/

Western Australia: Humanitarian Entrant Health Service (HEHS)pixelhttp://www.health.wa.gov.au/acc/hehs/index.cfm


Research Organisations

Centre for Refugee Research pixelwww.crr.unsw.edu.au

Migrant and Refugee Research Cluster
Flinders University South Australia

NARN (New Arrivals Research Network) Flinders University South Australiapixelmarrc.flinders.edu.au/narn.html

Medical Services

The Migrant Health Service Range of physical and mental health servicespixelwww.hsfinder.sa.gov.au/Pages/ServicesSites/ServicesSitesView.aspx?ServicesSitesID=1047695089

General Practice Network South (gpns)
Range of resources, templates, articles and research.

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Refugee and asylum seeker resources.
pixel www.racgp.org.au

Australian Medical Council Information for overseas trained doctors wishing to become registered in Australia.pixel www.amc.org.au/index.php/img


International Organisations

The UN Refugee Agencypixelwww.unhcr.org

The World Health Organisationpixelwww.who.int


Information Sites

Human Services Finderpixelwww.hsfinder.sa.gov.au

Connecting Up Australiapixelwww.connectingup.org.au

Live Smart  - a website for young people with resourses in many languagespixelwww.livesmart.net.au

Multicultural Directory Shelter SA - Agencies supporting housing for refugees and asylum seekerspixelwww.sheltersa.asn.au/ashra.htm

Biltricide now PBS listed pixelnps.org.au/health_professionals/publications/nps_radar/current/august_2009/brief_item_praziquantel

Graduate Certificate in Immigration Nursing pixelwww.postgrad.utas.edu.au/courses/health_science/nursing.html

Refugee Council of Australia pixelwww.refugeecouncil.org.au

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre pixelwww.asrc.org.au


Refugee Health Services and Networks

Victorian Refugee Health Networkpixelwww.refugeehealthnetwork.org.au

NSW Refugee Health Servicepixelwww.refugeehealth.org.au

QLD Refugee Health Servicepixelwww.health.qld.gov.au/multicultural/health_workers/refugee_hlth.asp

Health and Human Rights Group - Flinders University Medical Studentspixelwww.hhrg.org.au





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